Pharmaceutical Products

We are considered as the foremost manufacturer and supplier of a commendable range of Powder, Suspension, & Syrup. These products are highly recognized by our clients for their accurate composition and effectiveness.

Feed Supplement

Rumi Boost PowderGet Quotation

Rumi Boost Powder

Lactiup Forte PowderGet Quotation

Lactiup Forte Powder

Aqua Feed SupplementGet Quotation

Aqua Feed Supplement

Horse Supplement

Animals Tablets

Vitamin TabletsGet Quotation

Vitamin Tablets

Animals Vitamin

Feed Additives

Broiler Poultry FeedGet Quotation

Broiler Poultry Feed

Cattle Feed AdditivesGet Quotation

Cattle Feed Additives

Animal NutraceuticalsGet Quotation

Animal Nutraceuticals

Animal Feed AdditivesGet Quotation

Animal Feed Additives

Equine NutritionGet Quotation

Equine Nutrition

Pharmaceuticals Formulations

Pet Injections

Dog Rabies VaccineGet Quotation

Dog Rabies Vaccine

Hyalun GelGet Quotation

Hyalun Gel

Ivermectin InjectionGet Quotation

Ivermectin Injection

Pet Syrups

Vedmix SyrupGet Quotation

Vedmix Syrup

Hepatoliv SyrupGet Quotation

Hepatoliv Syrup

Avigold SyrupGet Quotation

Avigold Syrup

Liquid CalciumGet Quotation

Liquid Calcium

Pet Energy Additives

Energy Tonic for PetsGet Quotation

Energy Tonic for Pets

Calcium for PetsGet Quotation

Calcium for Pets

Skin and Coat Tonic Pets

Pet Energy Tonics

Dog SupplementGet Quotation

Dog Supplement

Pet TonicsGet Quotation

Pet Tonics

Pet Liv Liver TonicGet Quotation

Pet Liv Liver Tonic

Birds Vitamins

Energy Powder

Bird Energy VitaminGet Quotation

Bird Energy Vitamin